The play «Man»

The play «Man»

The performance is the nominee of the Russian National Theater Award "Golden Mask" in the season 2014/2015

The play "Man" is based on the book of Victor Frankl, an outstanding Austrian psychologist who survived all the pains of Auschwitz. The book "Sayings of Life" Yes ": notes of a psychologist who survived a concentration camp" is recognized as one of the most important works on the psychology of man in the 20th century. "This book belongs to the number of the few greatest human creations," the philosopher Karl Jaspers spoke of Frankl's work.

"Man" is a play-reflection on the themes posed by Frankl's book: on dignity and inner freedom, on the problem of choice and the ability to remain human in inhuman conditions. The production director is Tomi Janezic, the Slovenian director, in the opinion of critics, is one of the leading European directors of the new generation.

The performance unites the artists of the BDT for several generations: People's Artist of Russia Valery Degtyar, Honored Artists of Russia Tatyana Bedova, Yevgeny Chudakov, Nina Alexandrova, Anton Shvarts, Varvara Pavlova, Boris Pavlovich, actors of the band's BDT band and musicians of the theater are in it.

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