The opera «The Pearl Fishers»

The opera «The Pearl Fishers»

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    April 30, Monday 19:00
    1800 - 2900 rub.
    Recommended age 18+
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The premiere.
Performed in French.

Georges Bizet, who wrote the music for the opera "The Pearl Fishers" at that time was quite young and small, who knows. When two famous playwright turned to him for help in creating a musical performance, they had no idea how amazing will be music by Bizet. It was only after the premiere of the opera fantasies they realized how wrong when not especially diligently worked on the text setting. A young composer put music in "Pearl Fishers" all his enthusiasm and sincere impulse. It took some months to complete his masterpiece. After the first of the play work young talent praised the outstanding meter Hector Berlioz.

Fire vortex of music is rich and bold modulations transitions beautifully accentuates the exotic locale of the opera event. The sounds of the upcoming, then rolled back, as if a giant wave during the ocean tide, melodic music to the audience there is the island of Ceylon. Half-savage manners, harsh laws priests, punishing for the slightest offense law, passionate youthful love of two friends in the same girl ...

The musical accompaniment makes the viewer literally tremble with voltage when the fate of Leila and Nadir when Zurga leader, ex boyfriend is still in love with a young priestess young man hesitates, to help them to escape or to step aside.

Libretto: Eugène Cormon, Michel Carré
Stage Director: Yuri Alexandrov
Premiere: 19 December 2015
Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes

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