The play «Where Dragons Live»

The play «Where Dragons Live»

In fact, dragons are different. In our fairy tale there are both good and evil. These mysterious creatures will appear on stage literally from anywhere. They hatch eggs, sitting comfortably on the roof of the house, freezing people's eyes, quietly crept from behind clouds or creeping out in the dark from under the bed. It is no coincidence that our heroes seem to be monsters that will not spare anybody. And as in any fairy tale someone should appear who will save the world from these devourers of all living things. Such rescuers will be hunters Oscar and Ivar. Will the heroes cope with evil dragons? What awaits them - a great battle for the salvation of the world or the search for consent?

Hunters constantly fall into difficult and often comical situations. They are helped by a little girl Adel, who knows for sure that friendship and mutual assistance are much more important than battles and victories. Anyone can become a hero regardless of age and physical strength. Heroes - this is not a beautiful appearance and pathos bravado, but a big heart, responsibility and love for one's neighbor. And it turns out that dragons like people want to be friends, so that somebody loves them and cares for them. In the performance you are waiting for incredible flights, wonders and adventures in a world where dragons live.

Author of the play and director: Dmitry Petrun

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