The play «Dear Friend»

The play «Dear Friend»

The novel "Dear Friend" Guy de Maupassant since its publication in 1885 was called by contemporaries a bold and even scandalous work, opening the veil of the mystery of the life of the powerful. The creators of the play will try to uncover the riddle of this novel, which already the second century retains its relevance. The place of action remained unchanged - Paris, the time of action is postponed to our days.

The life story of the main hero Georges Duroy is the story of one career. Briefly about his life you can tell so. The young man, after serving in the army, returns from Algeria to France and, thanks to a chance meeting with fellow soldier Charles Forestier, gets acquainted with the head of the media holding Auguste Walter. At the invitation of Walter, he begins to cooperate with the television program "French Life". Georges Duroy has no capital, no special talents, he has only youth and beauty. Charles Forestier advises him to use his success with women to move up the career ladder, making Georges a brilliant career, thus causing envy among his colleagues.

People's striving for success is natural. The main question is what price a person is willing to pay to achieve what seems to him the most important thing in life.

Genre: Drama
Director: Natalia Indeykina
Actors: Roman Dryablov, Maxim Golovchanov / Andrey Rodionov, Victoria Zhilina / Svetlana Obidnina, Inna Volgina, Alexandra Mamkaeva
Premiere: July 29, 2017

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