The play «Baptized With Crosses»

The play «Baptized With Crosses»

"Baptized with crosses. Notes on the knees »- the autobiographical book of the main artist of the BDT Eduard Kochergin, who brought the author one of the most prestigious literary awards of Russia, the National Bestseller award. The book is based on the artist's memories of childhood spent in wagon-cars on the way from Siberia to Leningrad: the route had to be overcome by the son of the "enemies of the people", to return from the NKVD detainee to his mother's home town. Odyssey of the little street girl Stepanich is stretched almost seven years, and his fellow travelers are the same as he, homeless skeletons, veteran veterans and thieves-jumps, stealing passenger trains. In the play the first years of this "run to the west" are shown.

All the roles in the production staged for the novel are performed by young artists of the BDT - Ruslan Barabanov, Viktor Kniazhev, Alena Kuchkova, Rustam Nasyrov, Karina Razumovskaya. Artists alternately play the little hero of the novel, then his only friend during the journey - the "blind" Mitka, the orphan "patsanu", the warders and the "educators" of the detainee, the soldiers returning from the front. Replicas of the author behind the scenes are voiced by People's Artist of Russia Gennady Bogachev.

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