The play "Dinner for Sinners»

The play "Dinner for Sinners»

The young director of the London office of a multinational company problem in the negotiations comes his American boss sticking very strict moral principles. All of his subordinates who do not live in wedlock, he dismisses without delay.

Beloved of our hero, the long-awaited marriage proposal, refuses to portray his wife and with the scandal go away. Someone has to play the role of his wife, but even loyal secretary faces insurmountable obstacles, accepts only a maid who almost 2 times older age.

The boss and his wife come to visit, and nothing heralds the "failure", but suddenly returned and repentant friend and secretary, who decided after all to come to the aid ...

Starring: Tatiana Kravchenko, Daniel Spivakovsky Alexander Pashutin Svetlana Lakkay, Natalia and Anna Sturova Kolodyazhnaya.
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes. with intermission.

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