The play «Designer of Fairy Tales. Colored Music»

The play «Designer of Fairy Tales. Colored Music»

The play tells the story of a little girl who learns to play the piano. At first she does not succeed, she does not have the patience and perseverance to deal with. She wants to play with toys, and not to learn scales. Music seems to her boring and black and white, notes turn into bees that sting it, and a hateful instrument into an evil dragon who does not want to obey a girl. A little frightened girl is forced to flee and hide. She realizes she's lost.

Many adventures await her on her way home. The girl will get acquainted and make friends with different musical instruments, learn that music can be a fun game, and notes become bright colors, then butterflies, then fish and cheerfully escort her home. The play teaches children to love classical music, awakens their imagination and imagination. The performance is based on the music of Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Schubert, Grieg. Without words.

Genre: Children's play
Director: Svetlana Ozerskaya
Artist: Andrey Zaporozhsky
Video editing: Yuri Mokienko
Duration: 40 minutes without intermission

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