Jazz at the New stage. Jazz F@nck Quartet

Jazz at the New stage. Jazz F@nck Quartet

On March 17, Jazz F @ nck Quartet will perform in the program "Jazz on the New Stage" - an ensemble performing contemporary jazz and its modifications: neo-jazz and hip-jazz. These jazz styles are actively gaining momentum thanks to the work of recognized masters of Robert Glasper, Troy Roberts, Roy Hardgruve, Janek Gvizdala and others.

The team was formed in 2014, actively performs in Russia, in 2016 took part in the European jazz festival, and in 2017 - in the music program Jazz Across Borders in St. Petersburg. The collective consists of musicians who are leaders of their own projects, three of them are composers, and at the concert the music of Grigory Voskoboinik, Dmitry Semenov and Ilya Scheklein will be performed. Musicians combine traditional instruments and various modern devices - drum triggers, instrument vocoders, etc.

Jazz on the New Stage

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