Trancemission «Dive»

Trancemission «Dive»

The new part of the "Transmission" is called "DIVE" (in the first "dive"). The theme of the show will be immersion in the depths of the unknown and amazing world of trans music. Visitors are waiting for a beautiful show, a meeting with unusual inhabitants of the underwater world and world-famous artists.

The Dutch DJ Ruben de Ronde performing his music at the intersection of trance, house and progressive, the new wave DJ Chris Schweizer, the vocalist whose voice is already legendary in the world of dance music Susana, the nominee of the International Dance Music Awards Alexander Popov, Abstract Vision, the ideological inspiration of the Transmission DJ Feel and the St. Petersburg DJ Roman Messer.

Trancemission - the main trance festival of the country, held since 2001 in different cities. Trancemission DIVE will be the 26th episode of the festival.

Ticket Categories:
• Dancefloor - access to both dance floors, at your disposal there will be all the bars in the arena and wardrobe, and if you come earlier, then take the place in front of the stage closest to your favorite artists;
• VIP - access to an exclusive VIP balcony with a view of the stage and individual bars, free access to both dance floors, separate entrance, separate dressing rooms and toilets;
• Super VIP - from this area, the best in the club panoramic view of the stage opens at the front rows of the VIP balcony. Guests of this area can order food and drinks from the menu. As in all VIP-zones, Super VIP has a separate guard, hostess support and individual service; separate entrance, cloakroom and toilets, as well as free access to both dance floors.

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