The play «Old Maid»

The play «Old Maid»

The story of the theater history reminds all the familiar New Year's "Twist of Fate", with the only difference being that the hero does not get in another city, and confused the address in his home ... In all other viewers expect all the same a good Christmas story, which smells like Christmas tree, tangerines and attracts the expectation of a miracle ...

By mistake to break into someone else's apartment, the hero of Alexander Mikhailov meets a broken, lonely woman (Inna Churikova), which has long been reconciled with his loneliness, and there was nothing waiting on his personal life. But this is not ready to accept her mother, who did not agree to leave the light on, until he sees the daughter married and happy. To get rid of her obsessions, the daughter of the new "the gentleman of" playing in front of her loving couple. From that moment all events are growing like a snowball truth and falsehood, comical and sad, surging feelings and wont be lonely intricately mixed to tune up with new colors ... Continuing to sort things out, play the characters do not notice how they were knocked Love, which put everything in place ...

Beautiful Christmas comedy delight great game actors - Inna Churikova, Zinaida Sharko and Alexander Mikhailov, will present a meeting with the winter fairy tale and romance, who lives in the depths of every soul

Genre: Comedy
Director: B. Milgram
Starring: I. Churikova, Alexander Mikhailov, E. Vasiliev, L. Savankova
Running time: 2 hours with one intermission.

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