Bus Tour «Konstantinovsky Palace»

Bus Tour «Konstantinovsky Palace»

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    February 25, Sunday 10:00
    Recommended age 6+
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It takes only a half an hour tour of Old-Peterhof road to travel back from the bustle of the city in a picturesque suburb of St. Petersburg, where his eyes open picturesque palace and park ensemble and a unique monument of architecture of XVIII century - the Konstantinovsky Palace, the residence of Russian rulers.

The first owner of the palace - the Great Peter I, but at the end of the XVIII century the reigning Paul the I presented Strelna to his son - in such a way from the royal possessions of Great Palace moved in. It is on behalf of the Duke Konstantin Pavlovich Palace and its name, which has survived to this day, although today the official name of the complex - "Palais des Congrès".

During a visit to the Konstantinovsky Palace, you will walk through the picturesque alleys of the park complex, admire the fountains and ponds, enjoy the unique architecture of the XVIII century, hear interesting facts and legends related to Strelna, walk under the arches of the palace and will plunge into the atmosphere of the time and the life of the Romanovs.

Tour route includes an overview of the central part of the city, an overview of the road to Strelna, visit the park area and visits the Constantine Palace.

Duration of the tour of the palace: 1.5 hours
Excursion Time: 10:00 - 14:00
Gathering the group and departure: pl. Arts 3
Tour ends: from the nearest metro station

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