Ensemble «Marimba Mix»

Ensemble «Marimba Mix»

"And for fun and in earnest"

Moderator - Alexander Malich

I.S. Bach; Mozart; Bizet; Strauss; Ravel; Piazzolla; Anderson; Mancini

MarimbaMix - melodic percussion musical fireworks!

Marimba, xylophone, vibraphone and bell together with other tools in the hands of musicians like MarimbaMix come alive, revealing to the public a new, non-standard sound long-familiar tunes. All musicians perform works in the author's own processing, which makes them truly unique for the audience.

MarimbaMix - this crazy mix of different styles and genres. For one evening on the stage can be heard and sensual soul, jazz and tart, and the masterpieces of the world classic piggy bank. Mad and dizzying mix of eras and trends!
They create this extravaganza of sound seven Petersburg musicians - winners of international music competitions, soloists of the leading symphony orchestras in the city.

MarimbaMix - stream music without borders. Sad, candid, cheerful, dramatic and lyrical melodic percussion note will not leave anyone indifferent: from the fans of exotic musical experiments to classical academic experts. At concerts MarimbaMix both children and adults will be captivated by the purity, concise and surprising richness of sound.

One of the main objectives MarimbaMix - to acquaint the general public with an amazing deep character of melodic percussion. team members strive to preserve the traditions of performing arts in this group of tools and develop them, endowing them the energy and rhythms of modern tunes. Do not forget MarimbaMix and creative experiments, speaking for the synthesis of music with elements of performance art and shows.

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