The play «Relative Values»

The play «Relative Values»

The comedy theater opens to its viewer the play of one of the best British comediographers of the 20th century, Noel Coward, unknown in Russia.

Countess Marshewood is anxiously waiting for her son Nigel and his supposed bride-star Hollywood star Miranda Frail to cross the threshold of the family estate, "an upstart and a person of improper descent." Especially since her former lover-famous movie actor Don Lucas - still hopes to return "his girlfriend". With the arrival of the quick-tempered and eternally drunk Don, a real "scandal in a noble family" begins.

Especially since the newly-born daughter-in-law turns out to be the sister of the maid of the maid - the stiff Moxi. And the exquisite aristocratic estate of the counts of Marshewood turns into a madhouse, stormed by a distraught audience, ready to do anything to catch a glimpse of their idols. A brilliantly thought-out exposure of the ingenious Countess Marshvud of the new-born daughter-in-law turns into a whole theatrical performance, involuntary participants of which are all household members.

Genre: Comedy
Author: Noel Coward
Director: Anatoly Leduhovsky
Artist: Andrey Shchayev
Composer: Maria Galkina
Translation from English: Victor Weber

Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes

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