The play «Mad Money»

The play «Mad Money»

The beauty Lydia Cheboksarova, accustomed to live on a broad foot, a lot of admirers, but none of them is ready to make an offer to a picky hunter for a rich husband, while on the horizon there is a humble amorous provincial Vasilkov. Cheboksarov's friends, wanting to play Lidia, give Vasilkov a gold miner-millionaire. Lydia accepts Vasilkov's offer, but it turns out to be cruelly deceived ... The plot of the play by A.N. Ostrovsky recalls "The Dowry", only all the provisions of the drama are presented here in a hilarious manner.

A kind of temporary rhyme makes the plot and the problems of satire Ostrovsky relevant for today. Russia at the end of the XIX century, when the beautiful era of frivolous beauties and lighthearted kutilas, without the account of throwing money into the wind, was replaced by a harsh calculation and savings when new standards of business and family relations were being developed reminded Russia of the 2010s. The world of Ostrovsky's heroes, in which the vices and virtues that are vividly represented enter into a complex game and interconnection, continues the satirical line of the theater's repertoire policy, in which social criticism, represented by such performances as "Krechinsky's Wedding", "The Lady's Visit", " Shadow "and" Dragon ".

Genre: Comedy
Author: Alexander Ostrovsky
Director: Tatiana Kazakova
Artist: Stefania Graourokiteite
Actors: Alexander Matveev, Honored Artist of Russia Nikolai Smirnov, Honored Artist of Russia Sergei Russkin, Honored Artist of Russia Dmitry Lebedev, People's Artist of Russia Irina Mazurkevich and others.

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