Ensemble «SYABRY»

Ensemble «SYABRY»

The legendary ensemble has been delighting listeners with its creativity for four decades, combining traditions and modernity. The singing art of the Belarusian ensemble, thanks to performing skills and vocal performances of all artists, became popularly known and loved.

These songs sound next to us - "Alesya", "Glukharina dawn" and "Stoves - benches", "In Krinitsa" and "Zavalinka" (O.Ivanov, A.Preperichny), "Lie on the fly" (E.Khanok, H .Gilevich), "Walking so walk!" (V.Ivanov, V.Neklyaev), "Belovezhskaya Pushcha", "Belarus" (A.Pahmutova, N.Dobronravov), "Belarusian Polka" (I.Luchenok, L.Dranko-Maysyuk), "We will survive" (N. Satsura, V. Kovalchuk) and many others. These songs are sung at concerts of near and far abroad, many became folk songs, drinking songs, songs about which are more than one generation of admirers of the ensemble's creativity, says about them: "These are our songs!" In the creative biography of the ensemble "Syabry" 20 albums, the majority is recorded in the firm "Melody", 8 of which are "giants". Also, 14 CD albums have been released in different countries, a lot of audiocassettes.

The ensemble in the prime of the creative forces, combines traditions and modernity, records new albums and constantly presents new and new songs that are immediately accepted by both regular admirers and young people. Anatoly Yarmolenko "Syabry" performed at almost all the most prestigious concert venues of the former Soviet Union, toured extensively abroad, repeatedly visited the United States, India, Poland, Germany, Finland, many countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In 2008 ensemble was awarded the honorary title "Honored team of the Republic of Belarus."

The founder and unchanging artistic director of the ensemble "Syabry" all these years was and remains the People's Artist of the Republic of Belarus Anatol Yarmolenko. Having an original and unique lyrical voice with rich timbral coloring, refined taste and human attractiveness, Anatol Yarmolenko is the face and heart of the creative collective, its soul. For his fans, he has long become a close and sincere friend, so in their letters they call him simply: "Our Anatole."

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