The play «Three Fat Men. Episode 1. Uprising»

The play «Three Fat Men. Episode 1. Uprising»

Many years ago, in the course of a scientific experiment conducted in an atmosphere of absolute secrecy, the port was opened to another dimension, and a clot of dark cosmic energy "Three Fat Men" ("T-3") penetrated the Earth, turning the life of people into chaos full of meaningless evil. It happened during the Great Convergence - Saturn met with Jupiter. The rapprochement of two planets always had an abnormal impact on the Earth: catastrophes, wars, and revolutions took place. Gaspar Arneri, a scientist who lived in the world of formulas and experiments for many years and carried out secret government orders, is forced to interrupt his seclusion because of the uprising in the city against the government of T-3 energy.

Acquaintance with revolutionaries from the circus troupe, fearless rope-walker Tibul and brave and brave gymnast Suok, completely changes his idea of ​​life. Gaspar has a difficult task - to find ways to revive human civilization and neutralize the energy of the T-3 in the chaos that is developing around it. The play "Three Fat Men" is a fairy-tale dystopia that will be of interest to teenagers and adults.

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