Bus Tour «Dedication to the People of Petersburg»

Bus Tour «Dedication to the People of Petersburg»


3-hour bus theatrical excursion for children from 6 to 11 years.

Petersburger - sounds PRIEST! But this title must be earned! Just to be born here or to live will not pass, you need to pass the test with fire, water and copper pipes. But there is nothing to be afraid of, all this is very fun, fervently, and most importantly, COGNITIVE! Who said excursions are boring? Come to us, and you will be convinced that to get knowledge about one of the most beautiful cities in the universe - it's joyful and O-O-VERY easy! Together with you we will visit the most interesting places in North Palmira: Nevsky Prospekt, Isaakievskaya Square and the English Embankment, Petropavlovskaya Fortress and the Museum of Artillery in the open air, the Palace of the famous ballerina Matilda Ksheshinskaya and the wooden house of Peter, and much, much more. We will talk about science at the Nobel factories, and hold a solemn ceremony of "Initiation into St. Petersburg" at one of the most significant places in our country.
During the tour you will find out: when and for what reason Peter the First decided to start a city here; What are the main reasons for the founding of the city; How the water map of St. Petersburg was growing and developing (the structure of canals, bridges, a barrier from floods); Where the border of the city passed at the beginning of the XVIIIth, and where in the beginning of the XX-th;
You are waiting for dances, songs, competitions and of course prizes!
With the delivery of sweet prizes and colorful letters.

Excursion time: 3 hours
Collection of the group and departure: from the Kazan square, at the monument to Kutuzov
Preferential tickets: schoolchildren (starting from the age of 17), pensioners and students (upon presentation of supporting documents).
Children's ticket: children from 3 to 16 years.
Children under 3 years - free of charge.

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