VIA «Singing Guitars»

VIA «Singing Guitars»

In 1966, Anatoly Vasilyev, Evgeny Bronevitsky, Leo Wildavsky and Sergey Lavrovskii created VIA "Singing Guitars". It was the first of VIA in the USSR. Up until 1975, the ensemble has performed issued plates. Gold hits ensemble is all familiar songs - "People meet", "Blue frost", "Thick Carlson", "Gipsy", "If you go out you meet me", "Sunday", etc. Some time in the VIA "Singing Guitars" worked. Yuri Antonov. He enriched the repertoire of the ensemble of the new songs. Leaving VIA, he gave Bronevitskaya music sheet with a sketch of the song. Six months later, Yevgeny made an arrangement and he sang this song. Thus was born the major hit "For me there is no more beautiful than you."

"Singing Guitars" became a "launching pad" for the then little-known but very talented actress Irina Ponarovskaya.
Song Anatoly Vasiliev "Twilight" is one of the most striking works in the band's repertoire. Over the years, it is the hallmark of Eugene A. Bronevitsky. In 1975 it was staged opera "Orpheus and Eurydice" and it was a transition to a different genre. In the same year, "The Singing Guitar" ceased to exist as VIA.

In 1997, the young student Anton Garnov set about trying to raise VIA members to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the legendary band. Musicians began to restore the program. A huge role in the reconstruction of the team belongs to Gregory Kleymits, who later became its music director.

The first concert after 22-year hiatus was held with a stunning success. Inspired by the musicians continued their concert activity. In 1998, after the death of Gregory Kleymits, under the pressure of the laws of modern show business performers quietly to themselves they have started to use in their speeches a soundtrack. The interest of the public to the legendary ensemble began to gradually weaken. But in 2012, in order to restore the old interest and love of their fans, the band decided to abandon the use of phonograms and began to prepare "living" recital. Team Alexander Rosenbaum was invited talented drummer Arkady Aladin.

And in 2012, the first "live" two-hour solo concert in the concert hall "Minsk" in Belarus. And as a result - a great success! From this point ensemble acts only in this format. By the golden hits began to add new songs, the ensemble began a rapid development, new ideas. During the 50 years of its existence the ensemble went through more than 40 musicians. Today, working in a team:

Like 50 years ago, the musicians delight the fans are not only old, but also new hits that the audience takes with enthusiasm. VIA "Singing Guitars" is not just a trip to the youth, but also highly professional concerts in the best traditions of the vocal-instrumental genre, the music for all ages!

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