Operetta «Carnivalesque Bells»

Operetta «Carnivalesque Bells»

Significant place in the repertoire of the theatre "St. Petersburg Opera" is the direction "operetta at the Opera". In the jubilee season in the playbill will be the name of one of the pearls of this genre – a romantic operetta by Robert Plunkett "Carnevalesca bell."

Premiere "the Bells" in Paris in 1877, was a resounding success: in a row have passed 480 and then in London – more – 708! Already in 1886 was held in Paris for the thousandth performance.

The success of "Karnevalisten bells" provided the romantic story and music Plunkett – colorful, lightweight, remember. Melodies from operetta scattered not only throughout Paris, but throughout the country.

About the new production of the theatre play's Director, people's artist of Russia Yuri Aleksandrov says: "This is a romantic operetta about a beautiful noble people, with mysterious scenes of ghosts, with a beautiful ending. Our play is about a great dream that will come true".

Music: Robert Plunkett
Libretto: Louis-Francois Clerville, Charles Gabe
Stage Director: Yuri Alexandrov
World premiere: April 19, 1877, the theatre "Foley Dramatic", Paris
Premiere theatre: 23 Dec 2016
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

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