The play «Dinner With a Fool» (Theater of Anton Chekhov)

The play «Dinner With a Fool» (Theater of Anton Chekhov)

Company aristocrats joke every Wednesday arranges dinner to which each participant should bring most of this fool. Which, of course, does not know for what purpose he was invited. Friends unleash language to his guest and have fun to the fullest. And then decide whose fool was the most compelling, and the winner is awarded a special prize.

When his turn comes to Pierre, he does not hesitate for a second, calls to visit Francois Pignon (Gennady Khazanov), which, at first glance, it seems fantastic idiot and should ensure that Pierre undoubted victory.

In the play "Dinner with a fool" things are moving in unexpected ways. On the appointed day, Pierre begins terrible trouble from his wife runs away, begins an attack of sciatica, and quite inappropriately tax inspector appears in the doorway.

The play "Dinner with a fool" does not claim to philosophical conclusions. This is a real comedy in which the main role is played by one of the best comic actors pop in Russia - Gennady Khazanov. In this production is to go just for the already popular game of this artist who, more than anyone else knows how to amuse the audience.

Genre: Comedy
Director: L. Trushkin
Authors: F. Weber
Actors: G. Khazanov, Boris Dyachenko, M. Orel, L. Tikhomirov, V. Mikhailovsky and others.
Duration: 2 hours without intermission

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