Rap festival Foucault Pendulum

Rap festival Foucault Pendulum

The Foucault pendulum is the Russian rap festival, which will gather for the first time on the big stage 15 scandalous references of the new school. Millions of views on Youtube, sol-outs at solo concerts throughout Russia - they are no longer just musicians, they are modern philosophers, defiant and not recognizing authorities.

Composition of artists:

The Foucault pendulum is a device developed in the mid-19th century by physicist Leon Foucault, proving that the Earth rotates around its axis. In the 20th century, the writer Umberto Eco released the eponymous novel of the same name.

• DANCE-access to the main arena of the festival
• TRIBUNE - access to one of the stands of the main arena of the complex, free seating, without access to the dance floor
• DELUXE TRIBUNE - access to the stands nearest to the stage with a wonderful view of the stage, free seating, without access to the dance floor
• GOLD TRIBUNE - access to the nearest stands VIP stage, separate cafe, welcome drink, separate entrance and wardrobe, free access to the dance floor.

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