The play «Some piece of YOU!»

The play «Some piece of YOU!»

In order to somehow get out, get away, and do not quarrel with the chief and his wife caught in an uncomfortable situation assistant Jora use all their skills and talents.

But we do have scored about Margot, who turns out to be not so simple ... Who is she: simpleton girl, adventurer, or a fraud? And what she hides in her purse? And what Jora? Did he get out of this situation, without prejudice to their reputation? Increasing the voltage intrigue tenaciously holds the viewer's attention ...

Meanwhile, against the backdrop of this piquant intrigue, heroes hearts, unexpectedly for themselves, emerging touching and romantic feeling that they are in no hurry to call love ...

Great comic performance perfectly brighten up a weekend or weekday, give the viewer a sense of celebration and a lot of bright positive emotions.

Genre: Comedy
Director: Sergei Growth
Actors: Sergei Growth A. Stekolnikov, z.a.Rossii A.Urgant / A. Tyutryumov, M.Domozhirova / V.Zabolotnaya, D.Averin / K.Ulyanov and O. Miroshnikov.
Running time: 1 hour 55 minutes with one intermission

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