Concert «Peter the Great and Musical Russia»

Concert «Peter the Great and Musical Russia»

The first concert of the project is dedicated to the founder of St. Petersburg, the great reformer Emperor Peter I and his era. The audience will learn about the great influence of the tsar on the development of musical culture, the fact that it was with this ruler that the form of "concerts" that was habitual for us arose, about Peter's Assemblies, about the instruments that Tsar Peter himself played, that the Emperor not only had a wonderful bass, but also sang in the choir when visiting the northern monasteries, heard the works that he performed.

The music of Russia and Western Europe from the era of Peter the Great in the concert on February 16 will be presented by world-famous bands and performers. The listeners will have the opportunity to enjoy the sound of the Horn of the Chapel, the singing of the St. Daniel's Festival Choir of the Moscow Monastery, the bewitching beating of the rhythmic show of the drummers. "Music of the Russian Statehood" is a cycle of ten multimedia concerts accompanied by a fascinating narrative of the famous Russian historian, writer, creator of the historic project "Russia is My History" Alexander Myasnikov.

Each concert is dedicated to one Russian Emperor and his musical epoch, from Peter I to Nicholas II. All concerts of the musical and educational project take place in the Presidential Library (the historic building of the Holy Synod). The historical texts of Alexander Myasnikov, accompanying musical performances, are far from a dry academic lecture. The writer's speeches are distinguished by a lively presentation, the author acquaints the viewer with historical characters in an exciting form, decorating the narrative with little-known facts of biographies and heroes' personalities. His stories do not leave indifferent even people far from historical science.

Alexander Myasnikov is a historian of the state level who regularly advises the President of the Russian Federation on historical issues. The musical part of the project is no less unique. At the concerts there will be not only famous but also rare musical artifacts, revealing to us many musical (and not only) secrets of great epochs. The musical culture of the Russian Empire closely intertwined traditions of many European countries. And the stars of the world stage take part in the concerts, which, with their creativity, will reveal to us all the elements from which the Russian musical culture evolved.

"Music of the Russian statehood" is a project of state importance, designed to popularize classical music, to provoke interest in the study of Russian history, especially among young audiences, with the help of an unobtrusive, fascinating and modern approach. The project "Music of Russian Statehood" was implemented using the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society provided by the Foundation for Presidential Grants.

Fund of the International Festival of Classical Music "Palaces of St. Petersburg" - the winner of the contest of presidential grants for 2018 represents a unique large-scale musical and educational project
"Music of the Russian Statehood" in the Presidential Library

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