Organ concert

Organ concert

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    February 20, Tuesday 19:00
    500 rub.
    Recommended age 6+
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The organ of Walker was installed in the church of St. Petra in the year 1840. He had 63 registers, three manuals and one foot keyboard. After the church was closed, the instrument was donated to Moscow, where it was installed on the stage of the Concert Hall. Tchaikovsky.

Since 1997 in Petrikirch there sounded a small 10-register organ, installed in the altar part. Now he will make a worthy company for his new neighbor - the big body of the firm Willi Peter (1972-73) with 43 registers and three manuals. The "new resident" of the cathedral arrived here in April, on the Easter week. And immediately it was assembled, and then an intonation by the specialists of the Hamburg company Beckerath.

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