The play «Onegin»

The play «Onegin»

Brilliant text, fascinating plot, ambiguity and depth of characters - such is he, the Pushkin "Eugene Onegin". And still, if you look unbiassed, this is a surprisingly modern story. Advanced school and university philologists and do call Onegin the first hipster of Russian literature. In our version of "Onegin" are interesting actors and musicians - Sergei Chonishvili, Daniil Strakhov, Irina Pegova, Sergei Shnyrev. The music was written by the brilliant Alexei Aigi, who goes on stage with his legendary band "4:33". Specially for the project, a movie was shot.

We tried to take care of the Pushkin word as carefully as possible, save the story, history, adding it with famous commentaries to the novel - acute, paradoxical, stylish, modern. The text also includes hooligan and funny epigrams of Alexander Pushkin himself. All this flawlessly and subtly sometimes play out, and sometimes "read" from the stage 4 characters - Onegin, Lensky, Tatiana, Author. Pushkin or, in this version, the author, as it decomposes into three favorite of his character, which, in fact, is assigned the action. Sometimes the characters interpret the plot, sometimes, on the go, - comment. And then, it would seem, the truer truths of the Pushkin novel, driven into the head from school, cease to be so. The text begins to live its own life. And the actors enter into a casual and actual game with a "canonical" and "untouchable" TEXT.

Music is a separate, special hero of this story. It is not a background or an atmosphere, it is this story itself, its engine, its energy. It is impossible to present our Onegin without the music of Alexei Aigi. In his musical score, the composer at times uses the melodies of Tchaikovsky as semantic allusions, thus entering into a tense dialogue with great interpretations of the past.

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