The play «Sublimation of Love»

The play «Sublimation of Love»

It is in vain the opinion that only women are ingenious in conquering men's hearts. Sometimes men can come up with a more ingenious plan, just to attract the attention of a beautiful lady. A successful member of the Italian parliament, Leone Savast, was carried away by the beautiful writer Paola. All is well, only politicians are often down to earth and completely devoid of a romantic outlook on life by people. Achieving the reciprocity of an extravagant and educated girl is not easy.

A chance meeting with the talented writer Pierrot gives Leone the opportunity to appear before her beloved as an interesting and extraordinary person. He concludes a contract with the writer and issues his literary works for his own. At first glance, everything is going well, the deputy was recognized in the highest circles and appeared before a smart woman in a favorable light, but in the meantime Paola deftly leads a double game ...

Genre: Comedy
Director: Alexey Kiryushchenko
Produced by: Albert Moginov
The roles are performed by: Marat Basharov, Vladimir Sterzhakov, Yulia Galkina / Irina Medvedeva
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes with 1 intermission

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