Leonid Fedorov

Leonid Fedorov

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    February 2, Friday 20:00
    1100 - 2300 rub.
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Leonid Fedorov is widely known to the public as a voice, leader and the main author of the music of one of the leading teams of the domestic rock - the group "Auktsion", which for more than thirty years of existence has passed the way from the beginning amateur team to the cult indie band, recording with the stars of world rock - and jazz avant-garde. The programs of "AuktsYon" gained well-deserved popularity among the public, withstood and tested by time - to satisfy the continuous demand for the releases of the band, almost every album was recently re-released in the collection extended "deluxe" format, with the addition of rare bonus materials. Performances of "Auktsyon" enjoy the reputation of the brightest event of concert life; about the collective the book is written, a number of concert and documentary films is removed. The last album to date - "In the Sun" - was released in 2016.

In addition, over twenty years of solo work, Leonid has also established himself as one of the leading not-for-all experimental musicians in Russia. Leonid found and finds a great creative freedom and inexhaustible source of inspiration in co-operation with many of the most interesting musicians and artists: the leading Russian avant jazz contrabassist Vladimir Volkov, the poets Alexei Khvostenko and Henri Volokhonsky, folklorists Sergei Starostin and Andrey Kotov, the composer and thinker Vladimir Martynov, the virtuoso violinist Tatyana Grindenko, superstars of the New York underground Mark Ribot, John Medeski, Ned Rothenberg, Frank London and many In other. The programs prepared by Leonid on the materials of the creation of the titans of Russian and world literature - Velimir Khlebnikov, Alexander Vvedensky, James Joyce - were published and received public recognition. The free and fascinating creativity of Leonid Fedorov certainly belongs to the brightest original phenomena of the domestic independent scene.

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