The musical «Demon of Onegin»

The musical «Demon of Onegin»

"... the creation of hell, or heaven?"

Contemporary Musical "Demon Onegin" is the most successful attempt on the classics. The first performance in the best traditions of the Russian theater and Broadway standards. The creators decided to call things by their own names. Few remember that the poem "Demon" was written by Pushkin as one of the chapters of Eugene Onegin.

And if according to the script of the musical you meet old Onegin, forgotten by all, who has gone mad in the house of mourning in Paris, who is tormented by memories of mistakes of the past, then none other than his personal alter ego, his dark essence, his demon allow him to see all my life ... and maybe change something

It was he - the Demon Onegin - the director and puppeteer of this unique musical. The creators reveal the leitmotifs of the novel, which were not previously spoken out loud. Due to this, the musical "The Demon of Onegin" is a bold artistic revelation and firmly cuts into the memory.

Thanks to 3D video content, the musical "The Demon of Onegin" can be called a kinomusic, in which, unlike a movie, there is no right to make a mistake. The musical "Onegin's Demon" is a rare opportunity to see in person how without live editing and duplicating live people revive the era of ardent romanticism in real time.

Tremble Pushkin Purists "Satan reigns in love" - ​​there is a scene with naked Tatiana in the play ... and in the end she remains with Onegin? Who will be given Tatiana? You have the opportunity to learn this first-hand!

Note! The entrance to the hall after 3 rings is strictly forbidden!


Composers: Anton Tanonov, Gleb Matveichuk
The authors of the libretto: Irina Afanasyeva, Maria Oshmyanskaya, Andrey Pastushenko
Choreographer: Dmitry Pimonov
Musical Director: Anton Tanonov
Duration: 2 hours 50 minutes with one intermission

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