Opera «Mozart. Wedding of Figaro»

Opera «Mozart. Wedding of Figaro»

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    March 2, Friday 19:00
    400 - 3500 rub.
    Recommended age 12+
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The performance "Mozart. Wedding. Figaro "Vyacheslav Starodubtseva executed oriental motifs, which will be reflected in the style of the actor's life. The work on the production of one of the most important operas of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was inspired by fashion director in the European art of the XVIII century styling chinoiserie. This elegant offshoot of the rococo, inspired by the art of medieval China.

Porcelain, multicolored silk, sliding screens, houses for tea parties in the secret corners of the garden became part of the domestic order of the European aristocracy. The director of the play Viacheslav Starodubtsev admits that visual images count as much for the opera director than music. Together with production designer Jeanne Usachev and Peter Okunev he decides to place the characters in the opera house of a rich environment where the fashionable craze "Chinese stuff" affects not only the interior but also in the rules of life.

Performed in Italian (the subtitles in Russian)

Genre: Opera
Libretto: by Lorenzo da Ponte, based on a play by Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais "Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro"
Musical performances leader: Mikhail Tatarnikov
Directed by: Viacheslav Starodubtsev
Choreography: Arthur Oschepkov

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