Show-performance «Office»

Show-performance «Office»

There is nothing more awfully funnier than the office!

Show-performance "CONTOUR" - a dynamic, exciting, fascinating and mind-blowingly funny performance! It's a mix of comedy, classical theater, acrobatics and bold physical tricks!

"KONTORA" is a unique fashionable performance about the work of one company, in which you will recognize yourself and your friends. "OFFICE" will allow you not only to have fun, but also to think about something very important, about what many in this life lack, regardless of whether you work in the office of a prestigious bank or in a "search" office pets".

Want to get away from the gray everyday life and get bright positive emotions? To have a rest and use your free time? Want to keep abreast of the most fashionable theatrical novelties? Come to the play "OFFICE" - it should be seen by everyone!
"KONTORA" is the first project of an ambitious creative team "proJekt", assembled from gifted professionals from all over the country.

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