The play «Beggars and Aristocrats»

The play «Beggars and Aristocrats»

Young marquess Eugenio Favetti dreams of marrying a young ballerina, the daughter of the nouveau riche Semmolone. But the proud Favetti senior refuses to communicate with the upstart millionaire. And then Eugenio has to hire a kindred "blue blood" in the slums to present to the future test. This is quite easy - two unemployed fathers of families Felice and Pasquale, their scandalous wives and their numerous household members are ready to play the role of the marquis and dukes just for a bowl of soup.

A temperamental, but unskillful family is willingly involved in this game, which entails a lot of comic misunderstandings. An excellent ensemble of actors, skillfully orchestrated by noise effects of pots, noise, ladles and pans, dressing up, deceiving and exposing - in the performance of the winner of the national prize "The Golden Mask" by Mikhail Bychkov.

Genre: Comedy
Author: Eduardo Scarpetta
Director: Mikhail Bychkov

Duration: 3 hours 5 minutes

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