Alena Bikkulova. A solo performance about the life of Edith Piaf «Life in pink – La vie en rose – Woman in love»

Alena Bikkulova. A solo performance about the life of Edith Piaf «Life in pink – La vie en rose – Woman in love»

Love and happiness, disappointment and pain, ups and downs - it's all about the life of the great Edith. All her songs are about love, life conflicts, feelings of love and wounds that fate deals. They each recognize themselves. Edith Piaf lived a hard life. She had lost a loved one, only daughter, survived a car accident 4 and 7 operations. Queen of the French chanson lived only 48 years. But Piaf's life goes on in the songs. And her voice to the millions of fans remains a symbol of France.
It's rare that the actor expressed his feelings on the stage so thoroughly and seriously, as did Edith Piaf.
The plot is based on the recollections of the most Edith described in the book of her memoirs "My Life." That evening, each viewer, without exaggeration, will discover the real Edith Piaf, from the depths of time that will appear before your eyes. You have a unique opportunity to hear her famous songs and feel what a great singer lived.

Before you unfold the emotional story of love, devoid of false modesty, the story is about disappointments, anxieties, triumphs ups, about loneliness and happiness of loved ones and friends of Charles Aznavour and Yves Montana who have become famous thanks to Edith Piaf French artists. For the first time in the history of the great memories of the singer embodiment of artistry, powerful voice and dramatic life spletutsya together, thanks to the unique versatility of talent Bikkulova Alena, who is also the author of the script and the director of the play.

In spite of the love of the audience, the life of Edith Piaf, is completely dedicated to the song made her lonely ...

Duration: 2 hours with intermission

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