The play «Cunning Widow»

The play «Cunning Widow»

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    February 10, Saturday 19:00
    500 - 2000 rub.
    Recommended age 12+
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More than two centuries of the play "the father of the Italian comedy" Carlo Goldoni among the most popular works of the world and domestic theater. The stage fate of this play is no less interesting than the literary one. The director of the play Tatiana Kazakova skilfully and passionately weaves the mise en scene lace, in which the Goldonian excellence of light chatter, intrigues, quarrels, charming tricks and ingenuity is so magnificently plasticized.

"Once an arrogant Englishman, an elegant Frenchman, a belligerent Spaniard and an inconspicuous Italian met ..."

And the place of their meeting was the Venetian carnival, after one of the stormy nights of which the beautiful enterprising widow Rosaura found four fans at once. Everyone swears in love, each promises a brilliant future, each in its own way good. But how to find someone you really are happy with? Changing masks and guises, smart Rosaura does not hurry to trade freedom for marriage and tests each of the suitors in order to find someone who really deserves her hand and heart.

The exciting atmosphere of the Venetian carnival, spectacular scenography, luxurious costumes, wealth of acting reincarnations - all this in the festive performance of Tatyana Kazakova on the comedy by Carlo Goldoni that the right choice is possible only when the feeling is in harmony with the mind.

Genre: Comedy
Author: Carlo Goldoni
Director: Tatiana Kazakova
Composer: Evgeny Stetsyuk

Duration: 3 hours 10 minutes

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