Christmas tale «Mystery of the Snow Lions»

Christmas tale «Mystery of the Snow Lions»

Under the New Year I really want to make a wish and get into a fairy tale full of secrets ... In the Circus in AvtoVO all your New Year and Christmas dreams will come true! You will plunge into the world of a beautiful and happy childhood - joyful emotions, laughter and a good mood are guaranteed to you, dear friends !!!

Each snow lion keeps a New Year's mystery ... but it will be revealed only to those who go along with the main characters Yellow Dog, Fire Cock and Alice in a fairy-tale country to unravel the mystery of snow lions. On the way to the cherished goal, we are waiting for a lot of unexpected adventures, overcoming various obstacles and getting to know new friends who will show incredible mastery in equilibration, juggling, acrobatics and gymnastics. Magnificent ponies, graceful llamas, cats, dogs and funny funny minigames will undoubtedly cause delight of spectators, and incomparable, fearless, magnificent NADIN - hereditary tamer, Honored Artist of Russia Nadezhda Skvirskaya, will go out alone with a group of young predators consisting of eight southern - African white lions!

The New Year's fairy tale "The Secret of the Snow Lions" is a bright, colorful and exciting show for the whole family that brings us to childhood when we did not know the worries, troubles and sincerely admired the circus that will delight children, . And remember the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupery - "All adults were once children, only a few of them remember it." Do you want to remember your childhood? Come to our wonderful circus!

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