Bus excursion «Christmas Evenings»

Bus excursion «Christmas Evenings»

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    December 26, Tuesday 17:00
    1000 rub.
    Recommended age 18+
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Petersburg is often called the "Northern Venice". Maybe this city, whose life is full of music, concerts, theater performances and carnivals, he borrowed love for the holidays?

Secular holidays, beginning with Peter's Assemblies and ending with magnificent balls in the Winter Palace, noisy people's festivities were constantly held in St. Petersburg on the occasion of significant events in the life of the country, the royal court, various calendar dates. Many of them entered the history of their unusual and large-scale, which is only a clown's wedding and the Ice Palace under Empress Anna Ioannovna! Holidays were arranged in commemorative city dates, at the opening of the Bronze Horseman, the Alexandrian Column, the consecration of St. Isaac's Cathedral. All and you will not list! Now the revival of forgotten traditions has begun. Carnival processions, balls and masquerades, Christmas, Maslenitsa and Easter festivities return.

During the bus tour you will see the central city ensembles and hear a story about the various holidays that were arranged and arranged in St. Petersburg. Then only for the visitors of this excursion will be held fortune-telling.
In the old days in the circles of the aristocracy, the aristocracy was a popular appeal to fortune-tellers, fortune tellers. And how many predictions that have come true and not are fraught with the history of our city and its inhabitants! Especially for you and ON THE DESIRE after our excursion, visit the "divination salon". A visit to the fortune-telling salon is NOT included in the tour price.

Additional Information:
Duration of the tour: 2 hours + divination.
The tour ends in our bus in 2 hours.
The travel agency is not responsible for what is happening in the cabin.
The tour is only in Russian.
A trip on MICROBUSES or LARGE BUS, depending on the number of people in the group.
Preferential ticket: students, pensioners, VO veterans, disabled people of all categories. Convincing request for the duration of the excursion to "privileged persons" to have documents confirming the privilege

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