The play «The Art of Marriage!»

The play «The Art of Marriage!»

An ingenious musical comedy based on Oscar Wilde's play "How important it is to be serious."

The author of the production is the famous director, the author of the most successful performances of the Variety Theater Vladimir Glazkov. A true master of "light genre", he created an elegant comedy filled with the atmosphere of England of the last century, stylish "jazz" music of Vladimir Baskin, while preserving the sharp and aphoristic language of the classic of English drama. A serious story about how important it is to be serious (especially when marrying!), Will tell the popular Petersburg artists of different generations.

Genre: musical comedy
Author: based on Oscar Wilde's play "How important it is to be serious".
Director: Vladimir Glazkov
Actors: Yu. Galtsev, S. Safronov, A. Vasiliev, S. Plaschevskaya, A. Kukhotkina, A. Lazo / M. Nasyrova, O. Pavlyukova / A. Castritsa, K. Petrov
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

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