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    February 15, Thursday 20:00
    700 - 1500 rub.
    Recommended age 16+
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On-The-Go is one of the most successful independent groups in Russia. Constant experiments with the approach to writing songs, vivid emotions during concerts - this is what the group deserved the attention of the press and the devoted love of its listeners.

On-The-Go known workaholics - since the formation and the beginning of concert activity in 2009 the group managed to record four albums, to release countless singles, video clips, live versions of their albums, to play hundreds of concerts on the most famous venues of the country and abroad .

Today the band continues to tour and surprise its listeners - at the beginning of 2017 the band prepared and released acoustic-live in free access and is again preparing for a new release. Each concert of the band is a completely different musical experience, each new album is an incredible history of the team, which step by step goes forward, justifying its name and purpose.

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