Musical «Oscar and the Pink Lady. Letters to God»

Musical «Oscar and the Pink Lady. Letters to God»

A musical based on the story of E.E. Schmitt "Oscar and the Pink Lady" - from the creators of the musicals "Master and Margarita", "Demon Onegin" and "Miracle-Yudo"

Dear God, there is such a thing ... Oscar is a boy nicknamed Bald head, he has cancer. He will die in 12 days. The pink lady will turn these 12 days into 120 years. Oscar and his friends will play deaf actors? Yes, in the musical. Yes, deaf people. But you will hear them! We will not tell you how - let it remain a secret. And let only two hours, but we can unite the world of deaf and hearing. Oscar will live a life full to the brim. And then...

Dear spectator, do not be late, please, for the performance - because from the first second of the musical the countdown of Oscar's days will begin. And your new life. And when you go out - do not call, do not say a word to your close friends. Do not tell them about what you saw and heard - let them live the same as you did. It does not matter how you come. It is important how you go out. But you will come out clean. New. It's like he was just born. And so you want to live ... Each cell of your body.

Dear God, the musical "Oscar and the Pink Lady" can not exist without You for a single day. So You, please, make up the dates of all our performances on your schedule and come! This is the most important thing - that You should be with us. And breathed in love from the chest in the chest. Thank you.

Genre: Family musical
Director: Sofya Streisand
Author of the libretto: Irina Afanasyeva, Maria Oshmyanskaya
Choreographer: Dmitry Pimonov

We draw your attention that every spectator, regardless of age, must have a ticket.
After the third bell, the entrance to the auditorium is categorically FORBIDDEN!

Note! From January 19, the organizer launches a free transfer for the performances "Oscar and the Pink Lady. Letters to God "from st.m. Chkalovsk in the following schedule (the approximate schedule, the exact time of arrival of the bus depends on the traffic situation): 17:50, 18:00, 18:10, 18:18, 18:25, 18:32, 18:40, 18:45, 18:50, 18:55, 19:10 (for those who are late). The landing will take place at the stop "Palace of Youth". Boarding on the bus is provided upon presentation of tickets.

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