Creative Evening of Igor Prokopenko

Creative Evening of Igor Prokopenko

Dear friends! How important it is for a person from the TV to see the eyes of his viewer, to hear his questions! But dreams come true. We invite you to a creative meeting with Igor Prokopenko, a Russian documentaryist, journalist and popular TV presenter, a recognized expert on secrets and sensations, the permanent author and presenter of the oldest weekly program "Military Secret" and the "Territory of Delusion" program on REN TV, six-time national television award winner "TEFI" and the main awards in the field of documentary films.

To list all the prizes and awards that Igor Stanislavovich received for his work, we do not have enough space here. But the main thing is not diplomas, not national prizes, which Igor Prokopenko has more than a hundred, most importantly - he is a very honest person who always acquaints the reader with little-known information. Igor Prokopenko does not dictate his point of view to people, he makes people think. "I do not have the task of imposing the only right opinion on someone, I just say that one hypothesis is indicative of one, another is about another," he says.

If you want to hear something that has never been told about terrorism, about the secrets of civilization, about the theory of conspiracies, to learn the hidden facts about the Great Patriotic War, then on February 10, 2018 at 7.00 pm in the Lensovet Palace, Igor Stanislavovich will answer all your questions in detail. Answer honestly, he does not know how to lie. By the way, there will be new books that you can buy, as well as participate in the autograph session. Do not plan anything important for this evening. Come, it will be interesting

Duration: 2 hours, no intermission

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