Bus Excursion to Peterhof and Kronstadt

Bus Excursion to Peterhof and Kronstadt

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    May 1, Tuesday 09:00
    1400 - 1600 rub.
    Recommended age 6+
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In the southern part of the Gulf of Kronstadt or when something in common called "Markizova puddle", is a wonderful city and at the same time the scientific and educational center - Peterhof. At one time he was considered the country residence of the Emperor of All Russia. Now there is a museum reserve, Palace and Park Opening Day "Peterhof". Built back in 1710, since 2005 the town has called differently - Naukograd.

Another urban settlement and at the same time the port, which is included in the excursion program - Kronstadt, where travelers will be able to get there only if cross the Gulf of Finland. The accompanying tour guide will tell you interesting stories about how to set up Peterhof and Kronstadt, as well as introduce to local attractions, known not only to the residents of St. Petersburg, but throughout the world. Peterhof, Italian palace, Bellingshausen, Vladimir and Naval Cathedral, Central Harbor and many other attractions can permanently imprinted in the memory.

Guests of St. Petersburg and the locals who attend the tour will be able to walk in the free mode, the Upper Park of Peterhof and enjoy its city views. And there is something to see!

Excursion Time: 11:00 - 17:00
Gathering the group and departure: Arts Square, 3
End of the tour: the nearest metro station
Preferential tickets: schoolchildren, students, pensioners, disabled persons of all categories, veterans (with a must-have license)

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