Konstantin Raikin «Above the sky is farce...»

Konstantin Raikin «Above the sky is farce...»

"What I'm doing in this performance is like me. I myself consist of different genres. Poetry, especially high poetry, is a special state of mind ... For me, reading poetry from the stage is the same role, the same monologues. They obey the same laws of scenic existence as any dramatic role. Now I feel a wave of interest in real poetry. People lack some vitamin in their spiritual food. Some good phrases, beautiful speech ... Pushkin read - the bacillus will remain smaller in the air. It's like a bell ringing ...

Dad used to say to me: "Always read poetry. Do it no matter who your audience is. This will help them to understand you more deeply and to look at the life of many layers. "

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes.

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