The play «Retro»

The play «Retro»

An elderly widower, a married daughter brings to Moscow. But the relationship between the old and the young do not add up. And then the enterprising decide to reduce his father-in-law with a lonely old woman with a separate living space. Candidates - an eccentric ex-ballerina, a determined nurse from a psychiatric clinic and a modest staff - should appear in the order of the queue. However, the case mixes the cards. Ladies are at the same time and the situation turns into a real "fair of brides", during which rivals for the heart of the groom compete in eccentricity.

A serious story about the dignity and meeting of different human "loneliness" is told by the theater easily, gently, without "tearing" and is remembered by the works of the coryphaeus - Vera Karpova, Svetlana Karpinskaya, Irina Tsvetkova and Boris Ulitin.

Genre: Comedy
Author: Alexander Galin
Directed by: Vladimir Tumanov

Duration: 3 hours 10 minutes

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