Viktor Korolev

Viktor Korolev

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    March 25, Sunday 19:00
    700 - 2500 rub.
    Recommended age 0+
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The name Queen Victoria has long been familiar to the audience. In 1997, the band released the album "Bazar-Station", which was recorded at the studio "Union". Who has not danced while under the "A train chug-chug-chug"? Since then, some invisible train Korolev lucky in life. There are disputes about what is Viktor Korolev - chanson, pop, or even a folk? For the artist and for the viewer it all does not matter, most importantly, that what makes Korolev on the stage himself, and viewers get great joy and pleasure.

His ability to "ignite" the audience from the first song is staggering. Maybe this helps him acting education (School of M. Shchepkin) and experience in musical theater. The artist has recorded 13 albums and his hits - "red girl", "I will not", "White Lilac", "Bouquet of roses" - known and loved by thousands of spectators.

Million viewers actor gives him his love for sincerity and promise an extraordinary temperament, who asks out of all his singing songs and incredible beauty and expressive vocal actor is reflected in the hearts of those who love his audience at his concerts.

Tickets for the performance of the artist will give a unique mood of the heart and soul music for all fans of his work.

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