The play «Hooligan. Confession»

The play «Hooligan. Confession»

Yesenin - it is not just a songwriter. It turns out his poetry can be implemented in a dance, sing or read the recitative is not even particularly singing line. And the poetry itself usually involves the mandatory musical accompaniment. After all, the poetic word hides a secret harmony, which simply can not do without a number of slender notes. Bezrukov feels the mystery of sound and catches it on the fly, creating not just a performance, and a single musical composition, dedicated to the tragic fate of Russian bully and singer of freedom - Sergei Yesenin.

A powerful wave of rock music pushes past restless thoughts out of my head. Melodic lyrical ballads Sergei Yesenin poetry penetrates into the hidden corners of the soul. And in the most unexpected moment, when the heart is compressed by compassion, suddenly swoops swirl gay tango, instantly back to life and to what is happening on stage.

The poet often sing at concert and theater stages. After all, he - a reflection of the true soul of the Russian people. Freedom-loving, rebellious spirit, pushing the person on the edge of a precipice. whether it will pass, will stand in the trial, more and more often toss fate, or, arms outstretched, will be thrown into the abyss, to then like a phoenix reborn from the ashes in his poems? It is a question of Sergei Yesenin or the Bezrukov? The answer may not even know the director of the play, who himself plays the main character.

Genre: Musical-poetic performance
Director: Sergey Bezrukov
Actors: Sergei Bezrukov
Premiere: April 6, 2009
Running time: 2 hours

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