The play «Pushkin»

The play «Pushkin»

The performance is accompanied by a typhlo-commenting

The theater presents its view on the life and fate of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. The performance of the play covers a large period of the poet's life, from exile to Mikhailovskoe and the arrival of Pushchin in 1825 to a tragic duel in 1837. Too many years separates us from the era when the poet lived, and for many years he turned into a bronze monument, into the "classic of Russian literature" from the school curriculum. And that's why it was important for Sergey Bezrukov to show a living person, with his passions, life collisions - after all, they were the material from which his poetry grew.

Pushkin in the play is mischievous, vulnerable, passionately loving friends and hating his enemies, keen on the language and quick on impudent act, surrounded by spies of the third department, not to be allowed to leave. He does not want to bear humiliation and is ready to fight to the death to defend his honor ... Sergei Bezrukov: "I want the viewer to once again survive the death of Pushkin in our performance, he felt the loss. When you experience the loss of a person with tears in your eyes, you bring it closer to yourself. And Pushkin becomes not a dusty volume of poetry, not a "deuce" for school composition, not a monument, but a living and close person for whom you are going through. "

Genre: Romantic drama
Author of the play: Vitaliy Bezrukov
Director: Sergey Bezrukov
Set Designer: Akinf Belov
Composer: Alexey Ponomarev
Premiere of the play: June 1, 2010
Duration of the performance: 4 hours 20 minutes with one intermission

Characters and performers:

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