The Play «The Landlady»

The Play «The Landlady»

As time passed, we missed the "Innkeeper". We knew for sure that we would play again. Another performance, with other actors, but he will. Mirandolina was needed. Goldoni in the XVIII century created a female image of incredible power and charm, in general the name "Mirandolina" should flaunt on the flag of today's feminists. I needed an actress who can play everything - love and tenderness, shock and deceit, laughter and tears - and all this is easy and with an incredible charm.

A woman in whom all men fall in love, regardless of status, age or even a desire to fall in love. And such an actress was found. Anna Ardova! Around Anna Mirandoliny, director Victor Shamirov built a beautiful ensemble. Men's quartet: Michael Polizeymako, Grigory Siyatvinda, George Dronov, Mikhail Shultz. And the comic female duo: Ekaterina Semenova and Alexandra Veleskevich. Artist Victoria Sevryukova created costumes for our "Innkeeper", which the Venetians themselves would envy of the XVIII century. We are happy to present you a new version of our "Innkeeper". Funny, beautiful and surprisingly modern!

Genre: Comedy
Director: V. Shamirov
Actors: A.Ardova, M.Policeymako, G.Dronov, G.Siatvinda, M.Shultz, E.Semenova, A.Veleaskevich
Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes

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