The play «Tureen, or Boiling Passions»

The play «Tureen, or Boiling Passions»

Historic French name. Rich Aunt Violet preparing for a meeting beloved nephew Paul, who, of course, also needs money. This recognizes the servants of Violetta - Germain, a girl with a vicious criminal past and talent, which is organizing a conspiracy against his mistress.

It was she who convinces Paul that money to take over Violetta can only figuratively speaking, "the old schisms tureen", namely "removing" the old woman. Thus, the respectable bourgeois Paul, in general, loves his aunt comes to fatal resheniyu.V story involved more and more new names: Paul's wife, aristocrat Helen, their daughter - a charming Brigitte, neurasthenic banker Jean-Francois Clement and the police, of course, though, the direct killing of an accomplice in the cellar, my friend Germain, Robert.

From comedy, hilarious slapstick to a psychological detective story - is the amplitude of the genre of the play. It is this and virtuoso playing great artists make the audience to follow the development of intrigue, not looking up.

Genre: Comedy
Author: Robert Lamoureux
Starring: Nina Usatova, Igor Sklyar, Andrey Urgant, Zoya Buriak, Svetlana Pismichenko.
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission.

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