Concert of the band «Chizh and Co»

Concert of the band «Chizh and Co»

November 19 will truly be a heartfelt concert of one of the "most folk" blues collectives on the domestic stage - the band "Chizh & Co". A special program "With Love ..." will be performed in the legendary hall of St. Petersburg's Palace of Culture. The Leningrad City Council.

This "people" is not determined by awards or titles, but by the fact that the songs written by Sergei Chigrakov know, love and sing everything. Songs of Chizh - this is a kind of artistic embodiment of our life with all its sorrows and joys, our innermost routine, encased in music. In fact, Sergey Chigrakov is a man who managed to do the impossible. He is not just a high-class performer of the blues - he managed to invest in one of the brightest phenomena of American musical culture a truly Russian soul. The artist repeatedly told the audience: "I try to write such homely," kitchen "blues", and, perhaps, this is the secret of his popular popularity. Because it so happened that the most intimate stories are shared with close friends and more often somewhere in the kitchen.

However, the lyrical mood, traditionally accompanying the blues, "Chizh & Co" perfectly compensates for driving songs with a classic rock sound and optimistic mood. To enjoy a special program "With Love ..." St. Petersburg listeners will be able to November 19 in the Palace of Culture. Lensoveta!

Duration: 2 hours

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