Mikhail Kozyrev

Mikhail Kozyrev

On October 5, the "Cosmonaut" club will host a "frank conversation" with journalist, music critic, producer, actor and TV host Mikhail Kozyrev. The conversation will take place in the form of a dialogue, and the author will be ready to answer any questions from the audience:

"This story is about rock music that changes the history of the planet. The screen will show fragments from the history of rock'n'roll, which had historical consequences, unpredictable and full-scale. From the "bed" protest of John Lennon and Yoko Ono to the speeches of Lyapis Trubetskoi and Ocean Elzy; From the anti-religious manifesto Sinead O'Connor, who has buried her career in America voluntarily, - to the air manifests of the TV Channel Rain; "Time of the Bells" and "Time to Come". I will share my impressions of personal communication with most of the aforementioned rock stars and I'll tell you the truth about what inspired me and what broke off in those meetings. "

This evening you will have the opportunity to learn the history of protest songs over the past 50 years and the way music changed the world. And also to receive an answer to the question whether the attempts of the musicians to "rock the boat", to destroy the system and whether there is hope for any meaningful and meaningful music of protest in the future made sense.

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