Concert «Symphonic Cinema»

Concert «Symphonic Cinema»

November 12 in the year of the 55th anniversary of Viktor Tsoi the music of the group "KINO" will be accompanied by a large symphony orchestra! An unforgettable concert of the unique project "Symphonic Cinema" will take place in the St. Petersburg Ice Palace.

Unprecedented design, which has no analogues on the domestic stage, belongs to the contemporary composer Igor Vdovin. Unforgettable music of the group "CINEMA", accompanied by a large symphonic orchestra, is warmly received by the public and demonstrates how it is possible to translate into reality the catch phrase "Tsoi is alive!". Thanks to this format, it was possible to create not just an illusion, but a visible, tangible and beautiful reality.

The project's soloist is the legendary guitarist of the "KINO" group Yuri Kasparian - "native speaker". The unrepeatable, recognizable from the first note, the riff of his guitar seems to take us at that time and makes us feel and understand the songs of the band "KINO" even deeper. The chords, known to everyone, blow up the audience with applause.

Multimedia show and professional work of the director will give a sense of a new reality, where there are favorite melodies and musicians who have become idols for a whole generation. Specially for "Symphonic Cinema" the son of Viktor Alexander Tsoy created a video sequence that completely reflects the stylistics of the cult group. Unique visualization of the concert show will amaze spectators with beauty and entertainment!

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